"Heg is an inspirational teacher but also a person of great empathy, insight and integrity. Through singing with her I have not only developed my vocal technique but also explored areas of my own emotional inner world” - John W.

"Thanks to Heg's practical techniques I now sing with much more confidence, safe in the knowledge that I'm doing it correctly" - Daniel

"Having never done singing lessons before I was quite nervous before hand but Heg made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. My confidence has grown massively since starting my lessons"  - Amy

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Private Lessons

Heg teaches singing to students of all ages (11+) privately from her studio in Tavistock, Devon. Singing lessons are held weekdays and weekday evenings in Tavistock or from your home (covering Plymouth, Tavistock, Okehampton and Dartmoor). 

New to singing?

Starting singing lessons with a new teacher can seem daunting at first; Heg provides a relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental environment for you to explore your voice and most importantly enjoy yourself! 

Lessons are tailored toward the individual but will always work with a foundation of good breathing technique and learning to use the voice safely to it's maximum potential. During your lessons you are invited to work within whichever genre that works for/appeals to you. Taking lessons does not mean you will automatically sound operatic or classical. Learning to sing is about finding ways to keep your voice healthy and to be able to use it expressively with ease and enjoyment; together we can work within your chosen style to achieve that. 

Lessons with Heg usually last for one hour with half hour lessons available to younger students. Heg works with a foundation of contemporary exercises to improve tone, tuning, placement of the voice, stamina, power and stability. We will look at ways to ensure you are not straining your voice so that whatever the goal is for your singing, you are doing it freely and safely. If your voice feels 'scratchy' or sore when you sing or it feels like a lot of effort, then lessons may help. 

Forming new habits

Learning to sing is about finding your voice and discovering better ways to use your voice to enable you to sing in a way that is safe, reliable and consistent. Acknowledging old, engrained habits that might be restricting your singing and re-learning how to use your body efficiently is key to finding a free and natural sound. 

Starting with a foundation in good breathing, Heg brings an awareness to the whole body and mind in order for the singer to use the voice as an instrument; with full knowledge of how it works, what it feels like and how to control it. 

These new tools will enable you to explore what your voice can do, giving you new and exciting ways to interpret songs with a whole new colour palette to work with! Your voice can be free of unwanted effort giving it more expression, extended range, improved control across registers, a good quality tone, resonance and power and most importantly you will gain confidence and trust in knowing what sound is going to come out. 


If you are a keen performer, soloist, in a choir or are a professional touring singer, Heg can help you bring a new awareness to your performing. Whether you need help with combatting nerves, song interpretation, microphone work, maintaining good vocal health during touring or just want to work on maintaining good, solid technique in front of an audience, Heg uses practical exercises and a wealth of experience as a performer herself to help guide you in your performing journey. 

Exams and Auditions

Heg works with students towards ABRSM graded singing exams. She also coaches GCSE and A Level students preparing for performances and assessments including composition work as well as audition preparation and repertoire selection. 


Get in touch with Heg to find out more or to book a singing lesson in Tavistock or Bristol. 

Singing Retreats

Heg co-runs Folk Singing Retreats which offer harmony singing weekends for adults of all abilities. The weekends offer technique workshops, giving you an opportunity to explore how you use your body and your voice; harmony singing sessions learning original arrangements of folk songs from the British Isles and beyond; yoga for singing; meditation; walking; home cooked food and more. To find out more visit

"I’d recommend taking any child to Heg regardless of ability,  you’ll be really amazed.- Maria (parent)

"Since I started having singing lessons I found this very beautiful voice inside me that I've never found before" - Libby, age 8

Individual lessons

DEVON: £32.00 per hour

Tavistock - various locations. 

Home visits are available but may cost more depending on location. 

Concessional price available - please enquire. 


Shared Lessons & Choir Workshops

Please enquire for details










Cancellation Policy

Once a lesson is booked a notice period of no less than 24 hours must given prior to the lesson if you would like to cancel or rearrange the lesson. In the event that the 24 hour notice period is not given, it is with regret that students will be charged in full. Lesson slots are hard to fill at short notice so please respect the notice period to avoid being charged. 

Gift Vouchers
Vouchers for introductory singing lessons are now available.
Get in touch now to order yours. 

Thank you so much for the lesson today. I wanted to let you know that it has helped me feel a lot better, physically. I left with freer movement and not as much pain as when I arrived. It was great! I look forward to next week. - Sue 2018

Heg's Background


Heg has studied singing since the age of 11 where she learnt classical singing technique with singing teacher Maggie Grady. During this time she worked through her ABRSM grade exams in singing and piano before reaching a distinction in singing at grade 8. During this time she gained experience in musical theatre, classical, jazz and folk as well as performing and harmony singing in various choirs. 

In 2008 she graduated from Dartington College of Arts with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Music Performance. There she studied songwriting with number one selling songwriter Julian Marshall and contemporary singing techniques with Sandra Smith. Heg's own learning was instrumental in introducing Heg to a deeper understanding of how the voice works, the importance of learning how to breathe well and how to look after the voice during extensive touring. It was during her degree that Heg experienced some vocal problems learnt how to rebuild her voice and reposition it. This learning experience was invaluable and essential and gave Heg a thirst for helping others to experience the joy of singing freely with an unrestricted voice. 

Since graduating, Heg has toured extensively as a performer. She teaches singing technique to individuals and to choirs and has continued to study singing, updating her knowledge and training through reading and courses. In 2018 she completed Estill for Singing Teachers, an introductory training course in the Estill Method as well as various online courses with Vocal Process. 


Get in touch with Heg to find out more or to book singing lessons in Tavistock or Bristol. 

Photo by Tilly May