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Vocal health sessions

for professional touring singers and musicians

Learn to mitigate vocal injury and maintain your voice health

Build stamina after a long break from touring and check in with any issues you may be experiencing



Working together with you and your voice, to help you discover efficiency, ease and optimum vocal health

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Vocal Health

Heg works with professional singers and speakers on vocal health issues and ways to mitigate voice injuries. Looking after your voice and learning about vocal hygiene is an important aspect of learning how to sing. It is also essential when you rely on your voice for your income. Tour fatigue, voice misuse, stress, performance anxiety, injury and a myriad of other contributing factors can cause the voice not to function as well or as easily as it could.


In 2020 Heg completed the Advanced Voice Rehabilitation course with Jenevora Williams and became one of the first to qualify as a Vocal Health First Aider with Vocal Health Education. She is continuing her studies in this area and is currently working towards becoming a qualified Vocal Habilitation Professional. Her studies with Vocal Health Education have given her to tools to assess singers and where appropriate, refer them on to a medical expert or voice rehabilitation specialist. 

What is a vocal health session?


As a qualified Vocal Health First Aider, a voice health session with Heg is a first port of call if you're experiencing an issue with your voice. Heg can help with an initial assessment to start to build up a picture of what might be going on and what the next steps might be.


You might be looking to find ways to build stamina again after a long break, or, your voice may feel uncomfortable in a way that is not normal for you. Every session is very much led by what a each individual singer needs - there is no one-size-fits-all. 

Heg will take into account a holistic overview of you as a whole person from a biopsychosocial model perspective. 

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Voice assessment


In your initial appointment, Heg will take a thorough history of your overall health and voice use. The initial assessment will help us flag up anything that needs to be assessed by a medical professional or specialist, enables you to discuss any concerns you have with your voice and will be the starting point for where to go next on your journey.

This helps Heg build up a picture of you as a person and as a voice user, which will inform your voice health plan.


Together we will explore how your voice is working and what isn't working so well to help Heg understand how she can best support you. 


Following your initial assessment, Heg may refer you on to your local GP or other specialist practitioner if the issue needs further investigation. Heg has knowledge of vocal fold injuries and pathologies and can help guide you on the most appropriate path to take. 

Team Work

Vocal health is complex and is impacted by many different biological, psychological and sociological factors. Heg has resources available and knowledge of other practitioners who can provide care that compliments the work she does as a singing teacher and vocal health care provider. Heg actively seeks to work alongside other practitioners to optimise your vocal health care and make the process as efficient and thorough as possible. 

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